Recovery Services

The Indigo Spa offers recovery services to help your body repair itself after a vigorous workout or an active day at the beach.

Recovery Services

Cool Stone Peppermint Lower Leg Treatment —  35 Minutes —  $70

Relax your feet in an ice bath of our Hinoki Mint foot soak which assists with recovery. Your feet and lower legs will then be treated to a cold stone massage with essential oils that relieve muscle tension and inflammation. A cold peppermint towel wrap follows with a cool, soothing Ocean Lotion to finish with a deeply hydrating touch.

Warm Stone Cardamom Lower Leg Treatment —  35 Minutes —  $70

Melt away in a warm Neroli foot soak for muscle ache relief. Warm stones and Cardamom Amber Oil are then massaged into your feet and lower legs, promoting improved circulation with a warming effect. Warm towels infused with Lavender are used to reduce stress, followed with our soothing Red Flower French Lavender Lotion.

Miracle Mint Lower Leg Treatment —  35 Minutes —  $70

This hot-cold therapy begins with a warm Hinoki Mint soak followed with a lower leg massage using Naturopathica’s Arnica Oil to reduce muscle pain. Your lower legs are enveloped with a Moroccan Mint Tea Silt Purifier to calm and soothe the skin and reduce swelling while your feet are treated to a massage with our cooling Mighty Mint Cream.

*An Express Pedicure may be added to any Lower Leg Treatment.

Thai Yoga  —  50 Minutes — $135

In this deeply relaxing experience, assisted yoga postures are used to direct the intensity of the stretch and pressure points applied by the practitioner in a combination of acupressure, gentle rocking, and spine mobilizations.

Thai Yoga Massage —  80/110 Minutes — $175/$230

Thai Yoga Massage is given with the guest fully clothed on a comfortable mat on the floor. This service includes acupressure points, energy work, reflexology, scalp massage and yoga-like stretching.