Indigo Anniversary Photos

Thanks to everyone that came out to our First Anniversary Celebration! It was definitely a great success. We can’t wait to have an even bigger bash next year.

Take a look at some of our favorite photos from our event!

indigo spa, anniversary, hilton head health

indigo spa, hilton head spa, spa anniversary
Our amazing Indigo staff and our awesome guest, Celeste Hilling, CEO & Founder of Skin Authority.
indigo spa, spa anniversary,
Great job at the Welcome Tent, Jessica!
indigo spa, anniversary, h3 healthy kitchen
Our amazing Culinary Staff that came out to feed all our guests delicious healthy bites and infused water, Chef Carrie and Cara!

indigo spa, hilton head, spa, anniversary

indigo spa, anniversary, massage
Nothing like an outdoor massage on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at America’s Favorite Spa.
indigo spa, hilton head, anniversary
Hello there, Shannon, awesome job directing all the guests for the party!
indigo spa, anniversary, skin authority
Celeste Hilling of Skin Authority giving a skin care consulation to Hali Lookabaugh of Muse Gallery Hitlon Head.

skin authority, indigo spa, anniversary

indigo spa, makeup, anniversary
Makeup consulations in our Indigo salon.

anniversary, indigo spa, makeup

indigo spa, nails, anniversary
Mindful Manicures at our Indigo salon!

anniversary, indigo spa, salon

anniversary, indigo spa

You can’t have an Indigo spa Anniversary Celebration without a cake!


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